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About Us

eTripManager is an automated Tool that helps to manage trips easily. eTrip Manager provides modules like Lead Manager, Reservation Manager, Automates Cost sheet, Automated Preliminary Itinerary, Final Itinerary, Payment Schedule, Price Person Calculation, Online Payments. eTrip Manager also helps Group Leaders to manage their trips easily. Group leader can manage Itinerary, Passenger Registration, Online Payments for Trip Participants, Batch Payment. eTrip Manager also assists Participants to register online and make online payments. eTrip Manager also provides tools like Trip Builder – you can build your own trip by using Trip Builder and Rooming List Builder is available to build your rooming list

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eTripManager Features

Lead Manager

Get Leads from different sources, like website, phone call, email and store in a centralized System.

Booking Manager

Booking Manager helps you to Book reservation using eTripManager Vendor Database Booking following types of vendor is supported 1. Airlines 2. Motor coaches and buses 3.Train 4.Cruises 5.Attractions 6.Hotels 7.Tour Guide .

3.Automated Cost sheet:

You don’t need to worry about cost sheet. Select vendors and cost sheet is ready.

Automated Final & Preliminary itinerary

a. Automated preliminary Itinerary is available with option to customize. Send it to client by using Built-in template.a. You don’t need to create Final Itinerary. Just a click and final Itinerary is ready to go

Vendors Database

Vendor database contains complete profile information about the following vendors. Airlines,Motor Coaches and Buses,Trains,Attractions (Museums, Theme Parks, Libraries etc.),Hotels,Tour Guides,Meals .

23. Reports

a. We have a number of reports with the functionality like filtering, searching, sorting, exporting data.1.Leads reports 2.Passenger Registration Report 3.Passenger payment reports 4.Batch payment report 5.Sale status report 6.Closing production report 7.Reservation status report 8.Vendor deadline report 9.Vendor payment report 10.Account Receivable 11. Account payable .


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